There are many children who get more than 90% in regular school exams, but the success rate of entering NEET is very low since they are familiar with rote learning.

We are in search of the best collection of students who are ready to work hard and are capable of solving open problems or exhibiting new ideas. For that reason, we need to conduct a test to gather such students who are capable of getting into NEET national-level institutes after nurturing them with utmost care.

Even though we select students through screening tests, it is not necessary that they are exposed to all the concepts. Since students come from different boards, they find it really difficult to adapt to the new pattern. They lack some of the basic essentials, like analytical and logical thinking and a proper approach to the subject. Some might not have learned the concepts properly. Many children opt for NEET because they are not strong in mathematics. They never get hold of physics unless they strengthen mathematics up to the 10th standard. In addition to strengthening mathematics until the 10th standard, a graphical approach as well as vectors and the calculus approach must be given to strengthen physics. This will really be a setback for them in cracking NEET. So our specially designed course with experience acts like a bridge between them.

This course is specially designed for those students who wish to take an early advantage by enrolling immediately after the Class-X Board examination. The surplus advantage of 8 weeks in comparison to the Sushruta Course (which begins in the month of April) gives them exposure to the course curriculum of NEET, the best utilisation of the crucial summer vacations, and the early building of a positive attitude. It also enhances their analytical thinking, conceptual learning, and confidence levels to face the competition. Initially, the course begins with fundamental study, as the students are not exposed to the syllabus and pattern of NEET.

It also rectifies most of the shortcomings and misconceptions mentioned above, and homogeneity will be achieved, which is useful for the teachers to go at the same pace in future classes.

    • First Year (During Class 11th):

      During the first academic session, the syllabus, which is common to the school syllabus for Class 11th, will be taught to the students. We take care of the student until 10 days before the commencement of the 11th Board Examinations and call them back immediately after the board exams.

    • Second Year (During Class 12th):

      Based on the performance of the students in periodic tests, they are promoted to the second year.

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