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A wise person once observed, “Dreams are not what we sleep and perceive, but those that we perceive wide awake.” There is just one name to remember for anyone planning to make their ambitions come true: The RB IIT Academy. In this regard, we wholeheartedly welcome all aspiring IIT students to participate in the tried-and-true educational pedagogy, reap the rewards, and gain notoriety for themselves, their parents, their professors, and the entire globe.



Today’s student body faces a slew of academic problems that call into question their ability to rise to the occasion even in the most dire of circumstances. The IIT fever has permeated the academic mainstream to such an extent that there is a gate-crashing rush among students who are anxious to get into the IIT. RB IIT Academy, with its result-oriented background and time-tested experience, is fully set to meet the requirements, keeping the students’ aspirations in mind. For over two decades, the Academy’s staff has skillfully catered to the demands of IIT hopefuls who want to make it big in life.

P.V. Rama Brahmam

(P.V. Rama Brahmam, M.Sc. Maths – HCU)

About Founder


Mr. Ram Brahmam is a highly accomplished mathematician, holding a Post-Graduate degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Hyderabad Central University. With an impressive experience spanning over two decades, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of mathematic pedagogy. Renowned for his innovative and effective teaching techniques, he is revered for his ability to simplify complex mathematical concepts through easy-to-understand approaches and shortcut methods. His profound understanding of mathematical problems enables him to delve deep into their intricacies and arrive at conclusive solutions. However, what truly sets him apart is his student-friendly demeanor, fostering a nurturing learning environment. This emphasis on fostering a positive and approachable attitude has been instrumental in elevating his teaching prowess to unparalleled heights of perfection. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Ram Brahmam has earned numerous credits and accolades, solidifying his position as an adept mathematician and an inspiring educator. His name resonates with excellence, and his impact on the field of mathematics and its learners is nothing short of profound.

 A Mathematics faculty with twenty five years of invaluable experience, he did Gautami Academy proud by being instrumental in the college’s rich haul of State Ranks which included 7th rank in EAMCET on three occasions. He also played an equally pivotal role at Geetanjali Coaching Centre where he groomed several students, one of whom bagged the 49th national rank. His coaching stint with a student also yielded rich dividends with the lad notching up 8th rank in the in IIT-JEE.

From 2009 to 2012 , being associated with I.P.L Chaitanya, he had played an intrinsic role in moulding a vast number of students and helping them score appreciable ranks, the enviable ones being 7th ,16th & 21st and many more in IITJEE. The best rankers in AIEEE owe their success to Mr. Rama Brahmam who has left no stone unturned in making teaching an enjoyable experience.

Mr Ram Brahmam is not only a Pedagogue of incredible repute but a widely successful author of Contemporary College Mathematics. His Treasure-trove includes Maths Marvels, RPS IIT\AIEEE Math Challenges and Conquering Mathematics and more which has won him laurels and appreciation from stalwarts all around the mathematics fraternity.

On the other hand mathematical skills play a crucial role in student’s grasp of physics concepts. With a master’s degree in applied mathematics, Mr. Ram Brahmam have vast experience in teaching mathematics and physics to a diverse group of learners. Mr. Ram’s expertise in geometry and calculus has proven invaluable in aiding students’ understanding of physics, a subject that heavily relies on abstract mathematical ideas.

Overall, Mr. Ram’s background in applied mathematics and extensive experience in teaching have build an effectively bridge between mathematics and physics, making the learning journey more enjoyable and rewarding for my students.
Mr. Ram Brahmam Quotes “I take great joy in teaching physics and have successfully helped numerous students strengthen their knowledge and ignite a passion for problem-solving in this field. The results have been impressive, with several students achieving excellent performance in important exams like Mains, Advanced, and NEET.”

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The RB IIT Academy collaborates closely with students, guiding and counseling them at each stage of their journey.  Our foundation courses give our students a platform to be groomed in such a way that they can choose what is best for them.

Our Mission



Our mission is to build confidence and a will to succeed in study in students, and we work hard to bring out the best in them. Our primary goal is to catch them when they are young and prepare them for a successful and career-oriented future.

Our Visions



To establish and maintain great standards, both nationally and globally, by delivering quality education for the holistic development of children, in which they learn how to learn, develop self-discipline, and achieve excellence in a stress-free atmosphere.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We have one of the best faculty teams in Hyderabad. The entire faculty is highly competent and has considerable expertise teaching JEE. Some of our professors are postgraduates from prestigious Central universities and NITs. We are delighted to say that many of our former students are IITians.

We guarantee that our tutoring will increase the likelihood of a student being admitted to a prominent institute.

Our primary focus is on the IIT-JEE and the NEET. However, as part of it, we also prepare our students for JEEMAINS, BITSAT, VIT, and local competitive tests (such as EAMCET/SRM/MANIPAL).

At RB IIT Academy, we administer a test, and admission is based on the results. Students who have been selected for IIT-JEE but are unable to enrol in any institute for various reasons will be admitted directly to our classroom programme.

Yes, we offer sample test papers for the admissions exam. Registered students can obtain it via our website or office.

Concessions are granted based on the results of the test. The concession for repeaters is depending on their JEE – CML rank.For more information, please contact management.

Admission test will be conducted after board exams.

Yes, we will take only 45 students per batch. We take only one section for XI, XII and Repeaters. 

All test results are provided over SMS or available on our website RB IIT Academy.

We offer a hostel facility for a limited number of students, but there are numerous hostels nearby, and we send hostel inquiries to them if demand for hostel accommodation exceeds our capacity. Please contact the management for more information.

We do not have direct transportation, but we have partnered with third-party transportation providers to handle a limited number of routes.ou do encounter a roadblock that you reach out to our support team so that we can provide assistance ?.

We offer morning and evening coaching programmes for students in grades XI and XII, as well as IIT and NEET preparation.

Yes. We conduct crash program in the summer after board exams about for a month.