(For XII Completed Long Term Students)

Target IIT 2024

In general droppers are majorly two different categories of students who are aspirants for competitive exams, particularly for prestigious institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)

Type 1: These students have already demonstrated their capabilities by securing admission, but they recognize the importance of further strengthening their weak areas. They need targeted interventions, such as focused study plans and personalized coaching, to overcome their deficiencies and achieve their desired outcomes.

Type 2: While lacking in prior competitive exposure, these students have the potential to excel with the right resources and mentoring. They require comprehensive preparation that includes not only subject knowledge but also test-taking strategies, time management skills, and familiarity with the competitive exam format.

In both cases, a holistic approach that combines subject mastery with exam-specific skills is crucial. Proper mentoring, access to high-quality study materials, mock tests, and guided practice can help bridge any gaps and prepare these students to perform optimally in competitive exams.
Ultimately, the commitment and dedication of both types of aspirants are commendable. With the right support and resources of our institution , they can work towards their goals and potentially secure their place in esteemed institutions like the IITs.

Course Concept:

  • Thorough and total accomplishment of the entire syllabus in one academic year with utmost care and dexterity.
  • We make sure that the course is not limited to JEE alone but carried forward to meet the requirements of all competitive exams since understanding logic and methodology is the high light of our teaching.
  • Provide knowledge of highest level related to fundamentals and concepts, best possible guidance, speed, accuracy, balanced evaluation of performance on periodic basis, test temperament and right kind of competition.
  • The Test Series comes out helpful in maintaining level of JEE( Main + Advanced) preparation even after completion of Course.
  • Achieving a minimum percentile of 98 in the JEE Main exam is indeed a significant goal, and scoring around 140 marks out of 300 can help you to reach that target NITas well as IIT , considering the distribution of scores in the percentile ranking system. Course is well designed to crack the target IIT JEE for droppers batch in phased manner by covering easy and scoring topics in first phase as well as the more challenging topics in second phase.

    • Phase 1: Easy and Scoring Topics This phase focuses on building a strong foundation by covering relatively easier topics that have a higher chance of scoring well in the exams. However, it’s important to note that the difficulty level of the questions can vary from year to year, and the competition can be tough. The approach you’ve outlined, focusing on Phase 1 for easier and scoring topics, is a sound strategy. The aim is to boost students’ confidence and provide a solid base for tackling more complex subjects in the next phase.
    • Phase 2: Remaining Topics The remaining subjects are handled in phase two, and the emphasis is centred on employing time management strategies, accuracy, and each action to produce the intended outcome by carrying out several disconnected tests that cover the greatest number of models and ideas
  • Regular classroom coaching
  • 80-minute lecture, which is further divided into DPP discussion of 25 minutes and theoretical and conceptual learning of 55 minutes.
  • Five lectures per subject per week
  • Total of 585 lectures (approximately 195 lectures in each course) in the entire course.
  • Approximately 800 hours of classroom teaching plus doubt clarification sessions
  • Periodic tests are conducted weekly. once a month in the form of a part test and cumulative test.
  • Regular conduct of doubt classes.
  • Limited strength and personnel attention.
  • Identifying strengths and weakness.
  • Classes by expert and experienced faculty.
  • Focus on high weightage topics.
  • Practice mock tests.
  • Training on balanced approach of answering papers.
  • Last minute strategies.